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The Silverfoam brand is growing rapidly, creating a nationwide network of active and committed authorised contractors. Whether you are planning to start working in the insulation industry or are already in it but want to continue growing – join us. Use the best silver ion foam, reaping the benefits of being a member of an established company.

We offer access to our know-how, technological and technical support service and marketing materials. But that’s not all – in times of high competition, winning new customers with our help will prove invaluable. We are implementing campaigns that increase the visibility of our website, and we will include information about authorised contractors in a dedicated tab. When you join that group, we will give you free advertising!

We focus on long-term business relationships that satisfy each party. Sign up for training if you want to build a strong nationwide brand like we do! Interested? Don’t delay submitting the form – we allow only one authorised contractor in each territory. Sign up now by writing an e-mail to Michal Bednarczyk ( or calling (+48 572 541 362).

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