Foam with addedsilver ions

We use modern foam with silver ions for spray insulation. Ag40 is excellent for insulating buildings quickly and in an energy-efficient manner. This attic foam allows you to completely get rid of thermal bridges, improves sound insulation and significantly reduces heating bills. We use PUR foam in open-cell and closed-cell versions. It works well not only as an attic foam, but also for insulating foundations, attics and flat roofs.

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Exceptional insulation quality We reveal the new face of insulation that makes interiors cosy and lowers heating and air conditioning bills. See its effectiveness for yourself!

Compareclosed-cell and open-cell foam

Closed-cell foam

Depending on their density, closed-cell foams make it possible to create very durable insulation with excellent properties such as thermal insulation, waterproofing, gas-tight insulation of farm buildings and anti-condensation insulation.

Open-cell foam

Due to the ever-increasing requirements in the regulations for insulating building envelopes – especially roofs and flat roofs – polyurethane products seem to be the best insulation solution. As a manufacturer of polyurethane foam, we ensure that the basic characteristics of the material allow you to obtain insulation with the best performance, provided that the correct parameters of spraying are adhered to.

Active silver
Active silver

Foam with addedsilver ions

Unique open-cell foam

Open-cell foam with silver ions is an innovative product for insulating buildings. Try it out and see how comfortable your life can be.

Protection against fungi and mould

Application with a device that filters impurities allows to get rid of solid contaminants – attic foam is clean, and no mould or fungus appears.

Reliable insulation for years to come

Spray foam insulation with silver ions guarantees a high-quality finish and outstanding insulation performance for years. It has a high lambda coefficient and low absorbency.

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What makes our foams stand out:

Open-cell foam
Foamed with water
Application in temp. down to -30°C
Very lightweight (from 6.5 kg/m3)
Environmentally friendly
Sound absorption
Low price
All foams
Provides savings on heating
Durable (25+ years)
Seamless insulation
Resistant to fungi and moulds
t does not curl or slide off
Open-cell foam
Filled with gas
Application in temp. range from -50°C to +150°C
Low water vapour permeability
Waterproofing properties
Aesthetically pleasing
Efficiency of up to 1,000m2 per day

Foam for the attic – solid insulation for years to come

Thanks to the ease and speed of application, outstanding thermal insulation performance and convenient adjustment to bevels or recesses, attic foam enjoys growing interest among people building or finishing houses. When an investor is looking for technology that works best for insulating zones under the roof, walls and other places where thermal bridges form, they should pay attention to our product.

Attic foam, especially the one offered by Silverfoam, is perfect for almost all construction projects. The benefits of its application are experienced for a long time as the material provides solid coverage and excellent heat retention. Therefore, it contributes to the elimination of thermal bridges and, at the same time, reduces heating costs.

Our foam is ideal for many applications – not just attic insulation. The ceilings, walls, foundations and floors insulated with it will gain new quality. The material is safe and environmentally friendly, has an antibacterial effect and does not promote the formation of mould or the accumulation of fungi, dust or dust mites.

Concrete benefits of choosing PUR foam for insulation

If you are still considering choosing PUR foam as attic insulation, our arguments should convince you to do so – especially when combined with the opinions of other customers who have already opted for this solution and can confirm the thermal comfort or lower energy consumption achieved. What are the specific benefits of having such insulation?

  1. Thermal performance – PUR foam has one of the highest thermal insulation coefficients among the insulation materials available. This means that it effectively stops the flow of heat, helping to maintain a stable temperature inside the building regardless of external conditions.
  2. Excellent adhesion – PUR foam is applied by spraying, allowing it to adhere to almost any surface. As a result, it provides excellent insulation in hard-to-reach areas such as corners, nooks and crevices where traditional insulation materials may be insufficient.
  3. Water resistance – PUR foam is water resistant, which means it does not absorb moisture. This provides additional protection against mould and moisture damage.
  4. Long-lasting – PUR foam is durable and resistant to mechanical damage. It does not shrink, warp or lose its insulating properties over time, ensuring long-lasting insulation performance.
  5. Reducing air infiltration – polyurethane foam forms an airtight barrier that reduces air infiltration through walls, ceilings and floors. This helps reduce energy losses associated with uncontrolled air exchange.
  6. Environmental protection – by reducing heat loss, PUR foam helps reduce emissions of harmful gases. This is because energy consumption for building heating and cooling is reduced.
  7. Noise reduction – PUR foam also provides a certain level of sound insulation, which helps reduce noise penetration from outside.

Polyurethane foam is a choice that will bring many benefits in terms of energy savings, durability and comfort. Although the initial cost may be higher than traditional insulation materials, the long-term savings and performance benefits can far outweigh the expense.

What is the cost of PUR foam insulation?

Surely, you are wondering what costs are associated with PUR foam insulation. Understandably, you want to know what expense to prepare for. Of course, it is difficult to speak of a single way of pricing this type of work that is valid everywhere. However, we can assure you that today, with the popularisation and greater availability of the method, it is cheaper than just a few years ago. Ultimately, it all depends on the surface to be insulated, the thickness of the insulation and the material you choose for it.

If you choose to work with SilverFoam, you can expect customised measurements along with a quote, which you will learn before the work begins. We are honest and have a transparent price list and conditions so that nothing will surprise you. The standard rate is about 60-80 PLN per square metre of insulation. This includes both labour and material costs. However, it is somewhat approximate; thus, we cannot guarantee that it will not differ. Contact us for details.

When is PUR foam insulation most worthwhile?

Although there are virtually no limitations for PUR foam insulation, there are some situations in which its application is the most recommended. This is especially true when:

  • the place is difficult to reach – PUR foam is applied using special equipment that allows thorough coverage of even those corners and crevices that are the most difficult to reach. That is why it is ideal for insulating old buildings where traditional insulation methods may not work;
  • you need effective thermal insulation – PUR foam is one of the best thermal insulation solutions available on the market. Its U-value, which is a measure of heat transmittance, is one of the lowest on the market, which means that it effectively retains heat within the building;
  • you need a quick solution – the PUR foam application process is relatively quick. Once applied to the surface, the foam expands and hardens quickly, allowing construction works to be continued without delay;
  • you want to minimise wasted space – PUR foam has excellent insulating properties, which means you don’t have to sacrifice a lot of space for an insulation layer. This makes it perfect for small spaces such as attics.

Spray insulation technology is gaining more and more supporters among both contractors and customers. Those interested in PUR foam insulation are welcome to contact us. We will be happy to answer all your questions and explain what the whole insulation process is about. We will suggest the best solutions and conduct a measurement followed by a quote. We warmly encourage you to cooperate with SilverFoam.

Which attic foam should I choose?

We encourage you to choose open-cell and closed-cell foam with silver ions. Ag40 is a highly effective material that is applied using a spray method. This technology is second to none for reaching hard-to-reach places located in crevices, recesses and other nooks and crannies – and there is no shortage of those in the attic. Failure to insulate these areas well leads to thermal bridges, resulting in subsequent problems with maintaining the temperature and heating the building space.

Feel free to contact us. We will be happy to answer all your questions and offer you the chance to work with Silverfoam’s recommended attic foam application specialists. We also encourage you to join the ranks of our certified contractors.

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