Open-cell foam with silver ions - the modern choice for building insulation

The foam in this version is characterised by a slightly porous structure, which can be compared to a sponge. This is an effect of its structure – it consists of cells open to diffusion. Such breathability is vital. In the case of insulation, it ensures such air circulation that no fungus or mould forms. It is a modern, cost-effective material, and the future of insulation in Poland belongs to it.

Open-cell foamwith active silver

Main characteristics Performance characteristics Harmonised technical specifications
Reaction to fire E PN-EN 14315-1:2013
Short-term water absorbability when partially submerged ≤ 11kg/m³ PN-EN 14315-1:2013
Thermal conductivity, taking ageing into account λm= 0,038 W/m K PN-EN 14315-1:2013
Water vapour permeability μ ≤ 5 PN-EN 14315-1:2013
Durability of reaction to fire before ageing/degradation The reaction to fire does not change PN-EN 14315-1:2013

Roofs from the outside
External walls
Foundations, basements
Attic from the inside
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Open-cell foam– your best choice

Foam is produced in a modern technological process
Application in temp. down to -30°C Foam insulation performs well even in the coldest winter.
Sound absorption The airtight foam absorbs sound and is ideal for placing under sheet metal roofs.
Very lightweight (from 6.5 kg/m3) The low weight of the foam means that it does not weigh down the building structure.
Environmentally friendly The absence of harmful substances guarantees safety for people and the environment.
Low price The investment cost is low in relation to the long-term durability of the foam insulation.

Advantages ofopen-cell foam

The material has a low weight, which makes it particularly well suited for insulating attics and other structures with lower load resistance. However, our customers also like to use open-cell foam when insulating other building components.

Other features of open-cell foam are also worth noting, which include fast and efficient application. Due to its form and consistency, the foam reaches all sorts of nooks and crannies, tightly filling places inaccessible to wool or Styrofoam.

We cordially invite you to look at what we offer and compare open-cell foam with closed-cell foam.

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